Our philosophy

Why In Italy aims to create a new way to discover Italy. By linking those who love our country to Italy’s unique excellence, we strive to create a new attitude towards discovering the Bel Paese. We believe that in order to truly value our country we must set aside touristy clichés and explore everything that Italy has to offer (and, trust us, we’ve been working hard but we can’t see the end of it!).

Don’t get us wrong, Venice, Florence and Rome are famous for a reason, but we bet there are towns and cities that don't share the same glory which are just as enchanting. We want to share this unicity with you, wherever it is. Be it an art gallery in an old woollen mill, an artisan that creates hand-made violins that end up playing on the world’s most famous stages, or a company that creates innovative and highly technological medical equipment... we want to tell it all, because we love Italy.

How? We’ve divided Italy up into what we call “Riserve” (Reserves) to help us convey our country’s intrinsic diversities, vocations and specificities. Each “Riserva” represents an area, where you’ll find the most curious places and unmissable activities, as well as famous personalities, historical notes, companies and tips on how to visit each suggestion. Much more than the usual tourist guide, Why in Italy shares the Bel Paese from a 360° perspective: culture, places and landscapes, artisans, design, industry... you name it!

And last but not least, in each Riserva we involve companies and institutions, making them the real protagonists of our storytelling. It’s thanks to their support that we are able to keep our project running, and thanks to you if they get visibility when you choose to explore and learn about a Riserva.
This is our way of sharing the most beautiful country in the world. It’s that simple.

Our contacts

For any info on our excellences, sponsors, products or services, please feel free to write to us. Even if you have any suggestions or just want to say hi, drop us a line. We love hearing from you.

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